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About VPR-TV

What is VPR-TV?

Simply put, it's a virtual TV station. It's not "real", as we have no actual station ID but we present ourselves as a "virtual TV station" rather than a "YouTube channel" or "Twitch broadcast". From day 1 this was an intentional image for our project. Included in everything we offer it's also a story of the blossoming VPR-TV network and it's incoming rise to power in the world that Virtual Insanity Wrestling exists (our inaugural programming). Things under the VPR-TV banner are "in universe" (yeah, there is literally a whole universe coming, guys) so we thought, yeah, we are indeed channel 48, VPR-TV.

Note: VPR-TV currently broadcasts in standard 720x480, we offer TV broadcast format, VCR format and s-video format uploads for selected programming. We will offer HDTV when the time is right (it's a money thing), so viewer loyalty will determine this ability. The complexity of making the show does not simply lie in capturing a single HDMI stream. We cannot (or shouldn't) mix stream qualities as it won't really DO anything good if we do that. We are looking to purchase a chroma deck from Datavideo (upwards of $800).

About Virtual Insanity Wrestling

What if pop culture, a mall, neon lights, and a bizarre reality all clashed into a gritty wrestling product? Well, we answer that question by providing VIW (Virtual Insanity Wrestling). A forward moving wrestling brand emphasizing on stories, hard hitting virtual action, and a new concept in general for how pro wrestling has ever been represented or created for the viewing audience.

VIW features many original characters, derivative characters but also some odd entities from the past and perhaps not written how you'd expect. VIW also innovates in new match types and stories never seen in pro wrestling before. VIW is not about rehashing the attitude era, or the Monday night wars. There is lots of stories left untold in the pro wrestling world. Don't be fooled by mainstream pro wrestling products providing you the same old shit and telling you there is nothing they can do! We can do it!

VIW like VPR-TV is a blossoming product that will have foreseeable upgrades in the future to enhance and provide the best possible return of standard definition TV you ever seen.

If you find the project interesting and would like to contribute to seeing it's vision grow you can give by heading over to Patreon and getting a "virtual subscription".


What is a "Virtual Subscription"?

Nothing, it's still free. We call it a virtual subscription for the fun of it. Subscription fees are really up to you but we put down some spots to help this project get rolling faster. VPR-TV is (initially) completely a self-invested projected and has cost thousands of dollars to get rolling. Instead of a kickstarter begging you for money BEFORE we had anything done, we chose to build the show up and then show you what we had in mind. So please, consider supporting VPR-TV at Patreon if you do enjoy our programming.

If you do give to VPR-TV, we thank you greatly and hope to continue entertaining as we expand our brand into numerous directions and genres of entertainment.


VPR-TV is defiant to the current model of entertainment

What VPR-TV isn't? Not a vlog, not an e-federation, not a fantasy league not even a specific wrestling network. Not two annoying people with a podcast, or trying to shove my opinion down your throat about other people's accomplished works, no unboxings, no lazy products. VPR-TV doesn't teeter on fair use battles. Our source material from VIW is massacred.. you can't "play" VIW. We can't "play VIW". It's not a safe space, it's not a barrier which will block you from bad language and dark humour/ideas. The gloves are off as far as we're concerned and we're tired of filtered down crappy entertainment dominating the independent scene and mainstream productions. We want to open up the valve on what has been, for far too long, filtered content designed to portray a certain image that will please advertisers alone and won't take away the precious pennies they throw at projects like this for ad revenue. We KNOW the future is with our viewers, as well as many independent projects. 


VPR-TV is born

We have no allegiance with anybody but ourselves and our viewers. We won't be dissuaded by bullying YouTube networks or greedy content creators who want to jump in on the next wave to serve themselves and fuck the viewers out of the entertainment they expect. We exist as an independent outlet that fully expects to survive only by it's fans as corporations distance itself (and their ad money) from "edgier" products of the current years trying to funnel it down to a certain "streamlined" image that is zapped of culture or personality and instead represents a watered down version of "entertainment" for what has become a largely de-sensitized world.


Contribute to our Patreon!

-> VaporSnail Productions @ Patreon, subscribe to our virtual subscription now! :)

Posted By: Krysti on Nov 19, 2016  

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